54 Color Set Tattoo Ink

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The 54 Color Ink Set includes: Snow White Opaque, Snow White Mixing, Lemon Yellow, Golden Yellow, Soft Orange, Hard Orange, Bright Red, Dark Red, True Magenta, Light Magenta, Light Purple, Dark Purple, Mario_Ñés Blue, Mario_Ñés Light Blue, Light Green, Dark Green, Dark Brown, Light Brown, True Black, Rose Pink, Banana Cream, Bahama Blue, Baby Blue, Creamsicle, Carol_Ñés Pink, Lavender, Peach, Platinum, Seafoam Green, Dark Chocolate, Medium Brown, Bright Orange, Bamboo, Flesh, Sunburn, Cherry Bomb, Lollipop, Sienna, Flesh Pot, Fuchsia, KoolAid, Grape, Periwinkle, Blue Sky, Aquamarine, Teal, Hunter Green, Dragon Green, Grasshopper, Lime Green, Silver, CoCo, Mustard, and Tangerine.

Tattoos created with Intenze Tattoo Inks

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